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In this tough economic time, builders and dealers need a way to leverage their time and effort to increase their brand awareness and access to prospects and customers. The answer? For builders in the USA, it is the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show.

Bob Kay takes a few minutes to discuss how you can utilize the International Motorcycle Show and use their promotion for your benefit.


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Guest Judge for Ultimate Builder Custom Bike SHow
Guest Judge for Ultimate Builder

Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

The Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is an affiliate competition to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Professional and amateur custom builders of choppers, cruisers and sportbikes are enter their bikes into the competition and judge each other’s work.

There are 11 individual rounds of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show nationwide.

Our Latest Judge
Sukhee, An AFT Customs Model and Custom Bike Builder, will be out in Long Beach, CA judging the bikes that have rolled into the show. COme out and see the bikes and meet one of our most popular judges, Sukhee.


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November 20, 2010, 01:15 AM By Brian Grabianowski Daily Journal Staff Correspondent

Photo courtesy of Shelbi Okumura
The International Motorcycle Show will be held Saturday and Sunday at the San Mateo County Events Center.

Kicking off the tour-wide Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Competition, motorcycles were filling the San Mateo County Events Center for the International Motorcycle Show.

Additionally, there will be Supermoto Racing, licensed motorcyclists who have their own equipment can test-drive many different bikes and giveaways. Consisting of 500 custom-built bikes, this show goes cross-country with three cash prize winners admitted to the finale at the Daytona Progressive International Motorcycle Show. The custom bikes range from all walks of motorcycle hot rod ingenuity,from front-wheel drive bikes to sport bikes that transform into cruisers. Each competitor has logged over 1,000 hours in customizing their bikes.

According to Jeff Najar of Biker Pros, it’s completely freestyle and:

“Anything you can imagine that you can build. It means much more to win this competition. This in and of itself showcases the local talent. It shows commitment to the builders.”


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