FreeStyle Class

1 Steve Broyles, Stevenson’s Cycles –  GL Special, Stevenson’s Cycle Bobber

2 Eric Gorges, Voodoo Choppers – De Lux, 2011 Voodoo Choppers’ Bobber

3 Rob Gallo, Detroit Choppers – Detroit Black Out, 2011 H-D Road Glide


FREESTYLE – Gary Lipton said use your imagination… and Steve Broyles from Stevenson’s Cycle built the GL Special based on a number of ideas that he had in the back of his mind. The primary inspiration was his Schwinn Flyer that he rode over god’s creation as a kid. You can see that reflected in the wide handlebars. The heart of the matter is a S&S 93ci mil with fully polished split rocker boxes and cooling fins. The fins required 3 months of work to complete. Broyles used his signature glass side oil tank that is built like a wedge, brass foot and hand controls. The frame is a custom fabricated rigid bobber unit. The GL Special also sports an Evil LSD Belt Drive. As you walk up to the bike, the paint grabs your attention. It was sprayed by Darren Williams of Liquid Illusion Art.

Mod Harley Class

1 Kirk Schubert, Chop Docs Choppers, Shoobdville, 1997 Fat Boy Bagger

2 Jody Jendon, Reflections Custom Cycle, 2007 Street Glide

3 DJ Hunter, Biker Bobs H-D, PDS, 2010 H-D FLHX

Modified Harley Winner

MOD Harley – After High School Kirk Schubert’s sister received a 4 year college degree and after he graduated he received the keys to a Harley Fat Boy. Through the years the 1997 Fat Boy has gone through a number of iterations and has metamorphosed to its final design called the Shoobdville Bagger. It sports an 88ci mil with hand shift, ape hangers, lakester pipe and a sweet paint job by Ronnie Harris of Chop Doc Choppers. Ronnie also performed the fabrication work. The cherry on top is the brass shifter from the executive offices of the now defunct Cadillac Hotel.

Performance Custom Class

1 Jack McCoy, M43 Powersports – Inferno, 2008 Suzuki B-King

2 Mark Hunt, Bummer – Crazy Horse, 1974 H-D Ironhead

3 Nikki McEwen, PSYCHO Customs, 2001 Hayabusa

Performance Custom Winner

PERFORMANCE CUSTOM – Jack McCoy of M43 Powersports rolled in his 2008 B-King beast named Inferno. The first thing you notice on the bike is the true flames paint job. It is expertly applied by Centerfold Customs. The front 21” wheel on ultra-low profile tire combined with the 300mm rear delivers an aggressive stance. Hanging off either side of the front end are two huge turbos that deliver a gut-checking 550HP. Additional enhancements includes custom engine parts and an industrial-strength single swingarm.

Retro Mod

1 Steve Hollon, Gogatha Choppers – General Grunge, 1987 Sportster

2 Giovanni, Blacksmith Motoring Co. – El Vaquero, 1977 Honda GL 1000 Goldwing

3 Ron Harris, Chop Docs Choppers, Sweet Lou, 1977 H-D FXH

Retro Mod Winner

RETRO MOD – Steve Hollon of Gogatha Cycles delivered General Grunge to the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show and he came away with a win in the Retro Mod class. The 1987 Sportster features items from your typical build, drop seat, canteen, infantry helmet, dual grenades and camouflage paint. Cliff Weller of Centerfold Customs provided the paint.

People’s Choice – Giovanni, Blacksmith Motoring Co. – El Patron


Chris Flechtner Wins FreeStyle in Seattle
FreeStyle Class
1st- Owner: Chris Flechtner, Builder: Speed Shop Design, Name: Beezerker – 1965 BSA 650cc
2nd- Owner: Jay Taylor, Builders: Jay Taylor & Guy LaClair, Name: Machete, 2011 Taylorcraft Pro Street
3rd- Owner: Robert Schultz, Builder: The Drop Shop, Name: Burning Obsession, 2005 Yamaha 1700cc V-Twin

Mod Harley-Davidson
1st – Owner: Joe Cooper Builder: Cooper Smithing Co. Name: GunBaby, 1999 XL1200, 74ci
2nd – Owner: Ron Balich, Builder: Cyclpath, Name: Cyclpath Sickle, 1994 HD FLST
3rd – Owner: Eric Roland, Builder: Urban Customs, Name: Softail Springer, 2009 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle

Retro MOD Class
1st- Owner: Jay Bennett, Builder: Cyclpath, Name: Hummer, 1954 Harley-Davidson Hummer
2nd- Owner: Andrew Robinson, Builder: Devil Garage Company, Name: The Kagu Tsuchi Express, 650cc Yamaha
3rd- Owner: Scott Larson, Builder: Cyclpath, 1984Harley-Davidson FXWT

2011 Seattle - UBCBS Venue

The following are photographs from the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Seattle. The show has been outstanding with builders showcasing their rides and providing real excitement to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Some builders have invested over 1,000 hours creating their exceptional motorcycles.

Rain stayed away for a few days in Seattle and brought on a cheerfulness inside and outside the venue.

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show
Andy Miller from 3Guyz tests their Springer on the 69 Chopper

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowJay Taylor brought in Machete for the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Seattle

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowThe Beezerker makes the trip to the Ultimate Builder in Seattle

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowJoe Cooper of Cooper Smithing Co.brought Gun Baby, a 74ci H-D based on a 99 XL200

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowCyclpath built Cyclpath Sickle with a 1994 HD FLST

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowEric Roland rolled out the 2009 HD Softail Springer

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowBuilt by East Side H-D – 2011 Dyna

2011 Seattle - Ultimate Builder Custom Bike ShowLynnwood Harley-Davidson brought in this righteous Bagger

2011 Seattle - UBCBS John White, owner of Crazy Horse, sits on a Crazy Horse-powered 69 Chopper

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FreeStyle Class
Winner: Dalton Walker, 2011 Split Image Kustoms (SIK)
2nd Place: Jim Giuffra, Sentoh
3rd Place: Rickey Bedford, The Interchangable

Dalton Walker took first place in the FreeStyle class at the San Mateo, CA round of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show with 2011 Split Image Kustoms (SIK).

Dalton Walker wins FreeStyle

Dalton Walker wins FreeStyle

Outstanding Motorcycle

The hand built custom bike took 9 months and features a 1946 Shovel/Knuckle mil, Burkhardt Magneto, one-off frame, custom forks, wheels, sheet metal, seat, exhaust, sissy bar, cloth wiring, internal throttle and aluminum oil tank.

Tavax Engineering takes 1st in FreeStyle Class at the 2011 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

It took Akiko Tabata almost 3 years to build his masterpiece.

Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering takes 2nd in FreeStyle Class with Son of a Gun. He bought many of the parts from eBay from his Salisbury, UK headquarters.

JC & Jimmy Lee Coen of Three Two Choppers brought AMFU to compete in the Modified Harley class at the 2011 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Get more results at AMD World Championship.