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The 7th Carole Nash Irish Motorbike & Scooter Show took place on March 4-6 at the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) Exhibition Hall with the organizers announcing attendance figures of close to 27,000; the same figure as the last show (in 2009) despite the ongoing economic situation in Ireland.

This year, the decision was taken to expand the Affiliate custom show to offer two prizes of expenses to compete at the 8th annual World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis, one to the Irish “Best in Show” and the other to the winner of the International class, making the event one of only three ‘International Affiliates’ in Europe which offer two Sturgis prizes.

One notable new exhibitor in Dublin was Zodiac International, who also supported the custom show with prizes totalling 6500 euro ($9000.00).



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